"Ensuring global food security is not just a humanitarian duty, but a strategic necessity for national security, as hunger breeds instability and conflict."

Ben Dash

Policy Advisor

As a Policy Advisor in Washington, D.C., Ben translates complex policy issues into effective federal strategies for clients. His current focus on food, agriculture, cannabis, international trade, and drug policy is underpinned by strategic successes across public and private sectors, making him adept at navigating the complexities of Capitol Hill. 


Before advising clients at OFW, Ben refined his strategic skills at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he developed multi-year strategic plans for the U.S. Navy and advised on organizational design, change management, and human capital strategy for DoD clients. Prior to that, Ben excelled in business transformation at IBM’s Global Business Services, including reshaping logistics for a multinational dairy manufacturer. 


A University of Michigan graduate with a degree in Political Science and Entrepreneurship, Ben combines political insight with business acumen. He has consulted for startups, facilitated substantial venture capital funding, and ranked 6th nationally in sales, all enhancing his strategic capabilities. 


Ben’s commitment to impactful strategy isn’t limited to his professional roles. His pro bono work, including helping a homeless shelter realign strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic, showcases his adaptability and community dedication. International volunteer experiences in Italy and a TEFL certification add global perspective to his skill set. Ben consistently delivers innovative solutions to multifaceted challenges.


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