OFW Law Launches New Health Industry Practice; Ladd Wiley Joins Firm as Principal and Chair of Practice

OFW Law is pleased to announce the creation of a new Health Industry Policy and Regulatory Practice.  The practice will be focused on government health program payment issues and FDA-related policy issues for clients in the health care delivery system and innovative life sciences areas.

To provide leadership for this practice, OFW Law is also announcing that Ladd Wiley is joining the firm as a principal, and will be chairing the new health industry practice.   Mr. Wiley previously served in government as the Principal Deputy General Counsel of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Counselor to Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy G. Thompson during George W. Bush’s presidency.  Prior to his Federal government work, Mr. Wiley served as Chief Counsel to the Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Mr. Wiley had previously worked at a large Washington law and policy firm, and moved his practice to OFW Law earlier this summer.

Rick Frank, Founding Principal of OFW Law, stated: “We have had a long-term strategic interest in building a health industry practice, based on our current client base of life sciences companies.  Health Care is the most dynamic policy practice in Washington right now, and we are pleased to have one of the leading Republican health policy lawyers and advocates join our firm, especially as the new Administration moves into full stride.”  

Ladd Wiley, new Chair of OFW Law’s Health Industry Practice, stated: “Health care policy is becoming more specialized every day, and with clients needing deep substantive knowledge to go along with advocacy, it made sense to build a new substantively-focused advocacy operation in the boutique setting.  OFW Law has a great reputation in the FDA space, and we look forward to building on that, and adding further to their existing Medicare and Medicaid payment work.”

As part of the new Health Industry Practice, OFW Law will be organizing a group of existing professionals with Medicare and FDA experience, and then will be expanding the practice further over the short-and-long term.  OFW Law’s Health  Industry Policy and Regulatory Practice works to provide high quality substantive legal and regulatory advice and combines that work with skilled advocacy on behalf of clients to government policymakers.  The professionals of the health industry practice advise and work on behalf of clients in the health care delivery system area and the medical products and life sciences area.

Brett Schwemer, managing principal of OFW Law, stated: “For years, we’ve had a number of professionals working in the health industry area, and this gives us an opportunity to build some structure around it and focus on growing this practice.  In addition to our current clients, Ladd brings a strong existing practice of some of the leading life sciences and provider organizations.”

Media Contact: Peter Matz


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