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OFW’s Bruce Silverglade to Participate at FDLI Food Advertising and Litigation Conference

OFW Law’s Bruce Silverglade will be a featured speaker at that Food and Drug Law Institute’s annual “Food Advertising and Litigation” conference on September 24, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois.  Mr. Silverglade will participate in a panel discussing “Advertising and Labeling Trends and the Next ‘Natural.'”

The conference takes place against a backdrop of approximately 200 class action lawsuits that have been filed just in the Federal Courts in California alone challenging food labeling and advertising claims such as “All Natural” or “100% Natural.”  Plaintiff attorneys are now expanding the range of advertising and labeling claims being challenged in class action cases.  New cases are attacking structure/function claims for foods, opposing claims for alcoholic beverages such as “hand-crafted,” and even challenging the safety of ingredients such as partially hydrogenated vegetable oils.   What’s next? 

Here are links to the complete conference agenda and, separately, for registration.

And stay tuned to the Ag/FDA Blog  –  OFW Law will report on the results of the conference at the end of next month.

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