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So Which USDA Regulations Would You Like to Change?

We know that people often disagree with any number of the different regulations that have been put in place for the administration of USDA’s programs – agricultural program operations, nutrition programs, rural development programs, energy programs, conservation programs, and the list goes on.

Well, now is the chance to speak up.

In the Federal Register for Tuesday, March 17, USDA asks for “…public comment to assist in analyzing its existing significant regulations to determine whether any should be modified, streamlined, expanded, or repealed.”   The notice does go on to suggest several questions for consideration:

  • Which regulations have become outdated, and how can they be modernized to accomplish the regulatory objectives better?
  • Do agencies currently collect information that they do not need or use effectively to achieve regulatory objectives?
  • Which regulations, reporting requirements, or regulatory submission or application processes are unnecessarily complicated or could be streamlined to achieve regulatory objectives in ways that are more efficient?
  • Which regulations, submission and application processes, or reporting requirements have been overtaken by technological developments?
  • Can new technologies be used to modify, streamline, or do away with existing regulatory or reporting requirements?
  • Which regulations provide examples of how regulatory flexibility techniques have worked well? In general, who has benefited from the regulatory flexibility?
  • What types of regulatory flexibility have worked well?
  • What regulations would be improved through the addition of regulatory flexibility techniques?
  • How would regulatory flexibility lower costs and burden? How would regulatory flexibility improve benefits?

USDA goes on to say, “This is a non-exhaustive list that is meant to assist in the formulation of comments and is not intended to limit the issues that commenters may choose to address,” and part of a “continuing process of scrutiny of regulatory actions.”

Comments are requested on or before May 18, 2015.  So have at it!

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