Advocacy & Public Policy

USDA Jamie L Whitten Building

We navigate Capitol Hill, federal agencies and the White House for trade associations, nonprofits, companies, universities and Native American tribes that variously represent agriculture and food and life sciences, health care interests, and medical products on state, regional, national and international bases. We provide a cohesive approach to policy from start to finish – from legislation in its infancy to federal agency implementation when that legislation becomes law. We know food and agricultural life sciences and health care issues are generally bipartisan, and OFW prides itself on our bipartisan approach as we seek policy solutions for our clients. Demonstrating the bipartisan nature of our work on a rural level, OFW principals have chaired or coordinated the rural outreach committees of the presidential campaigns of John McCain, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. As we enter the 2020 presidential campaign cycle, OFW professionals have once again taken leadership roles to bring rural issues to the forefront of candidates’ platforms.

Attorneys & Professionals

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