Cannabis plant

For the cannabis industry, OFW is an experienced and trusted guide through a treacherous and changing landscape. Whether your interests are in marijuana, hemp, cannabidiol (CBD), or the other components of the cannabis plant, we can help steer your business or trade association with legal, corporate, regulatory, and strategic policy advice. Cannabis is complex, especially so in food and healthcare. Navigating the cannabis arena means understanding how FDA, DEA, USDA, and the States intersect. With experts in foods, crops, pharmaceuticals, controlled substances, dietary supplements, and cosmetics, OFW can provide the interdisciplinary approach cannabis businesses need. We can provide counsel if you’re a farming cooperative intending to cultivate hemp under the USDA domestic hemp program, a manufacturer looking at CBD containing cosmetics, foods, and supplements, a pharmaceutical developer hoping to bring a cannabis compound through the FDA drug approval process, a retailer trying to assess the business risk of CBD, or a trade association trying to answer member questions. Our cannabis team includes sought-after speakers, as our unique perspective allows us to offer our audiences an insider’s view on Washington DC cannabis policy.

Attorneys & Professionals

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