Food Labeling & Advertisement

consumer checks the nutrition information on a box of cereal

OFW’s attorneys advise food processors and manufacturers, retailers, and restaurant chains on food labeling and advertising matters. We understand that a product label is an extension of your company’s brand. Our attorneys have decades of experience in advising clients on compliance with FDA and USDA labeling requirements, including navigating the FSIS’s label prior approval process. We are experienced in value-added labeling programs, such as the USDA’s National Organic Program and the Process Verified Program. We also assist companies in ensuring that their advertisements comply with Federal Trade Commission requirements.

OFW understands that in labeling businesses need to factor in more than compliance with FDA, USDA, and FTC regulations. OFW’s attorneys provide insight into litigation risk and the potential for non-litigation challenges from consumer groups and others. Our attorney’s draw on their extensive experience to help companies navigate this challenging environment, including assisting companies in responding to demand letters from putative class representatives, and representing clients in food labeling/advertising litigation.

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