USDA’s National Appeals Division: A Checklist for Farmers

USDA’s National Appeals Division: A Checklist for Farmers

Since it’s inception, OFW has been one of the nation’s leading law firms for the feed and pet food industry. OFW understands the unique challenges faced by feed and pet food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. Our attorneys provide:

  • Regulatory counsel on compliance with FDA regulations, pertaining to manufacturing, transporting, labeling, and marketing livestock and poultry feed and pet food including the agency’s implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Assistance in responding to inspection issues, such as responding to an FDA Form 483
  • Advice on recalls, whether one is needed and the scope if needed
  • Assistance with ingredient approval matters, such as GRAS notifications and food additive petitions
  • Counsel on AAFCO ingredient standards
  • Representation in FDA investigations and enforcement matters, including administrative hearings and civil or criminal proceedings

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