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Major Coalition, including Academia, Commends World Food Prize for Supporting Biotechnology

A very broad coalition of 100 food and agriculture organizations, including 30 research universities and anti-hunger organizations, have sent a letter to World Food Prize Foundation in Iowa commending them for a focus on biotechnology this year.

The letter says, in part,  “Feeding a world population of nine billion people by 2050 in the face of increasingly severe weather and environmental conditions simply cannot be done without the full benefit of modern science and biotechnology.   The genetically modified seeds that are being released today produce higher yields while using less water and fewer inputs, thus promoting sustainability by placing fewer burdens on the environment.  These seeds are critical tools in meeting the challenges of global food security and climate volatility.”

Public opinion surrounding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) seems to be shifting gradually, and this is another step on the road to increasing public knowledge and consideration of the great potential of this technology.

To view the full text and list of signatories, click here.

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