OFW’s attorneys and government relations professionals advise, represent, and advocate for clients regulated by FDA and USDA. Our clients are companies and trade associations in the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical device and dietary supplement industries. Our focus is our strength.


Food & Agriculture

For over 40 years, OFW Law has been a resource for clients in the food and agriculture industry. We’re experienced from farm to table and everything in between.

Medical Products

From the discovery of innovative products regulated by the FDA to the delivery of healthcare services, we provide clients with substantive legal advice, regulatory understanding, and skilled advocacy in front of FDA, HHS, and Congress.


Oh, SNAP! USDA Still Not Addressing Discrimination at FNS Against Minority & Immigrant Retailers

On February 28, 2023, USDA’s Equity Commission issued its 2023 Interim Report containing recommendations to advance equity at USDA. The Interim Report’s cover letter states, …

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Oh, SNAP! Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals Holds Transaction-Specific Evidence Is Not Required

In a decision of profound importance for SNAP retailers, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit in Euclid Market Inc. v. United …

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February Food and Agriculture Regulatory Recap

OFW’s Food & Agriculture team regularly monitors announcements and policy issuances from FDA, USDA, and other agencies to keep our clients apprised of regulatory developments …

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Oh, SNAP! FNS’s Restaurant Rule Forces SNAP Retailers to Sell Sin Goods

USDA’s Food & Nutrition Service (FNS) authorized more than 250,000 SNAP retailers across the country. For many years, SNAP retailers sold substantial amounts of SNAP-eligible …

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About Us

OFW Law provides legal, regulatory, and bipartisan government affairs representation to companies, individuals, and trade associations in the agriculture, food, drug, medical device, and healthcare industries.

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