7/21/20 OFW Law Daily COVID-19 News Conference Summary

President Donald Trump held a 30-minute press conference beginning at 5:15 this afternoon.

Summary of the President’s remarks and questions:

  1. The President said the purpose of today’s press conference was to provide an update on the Administration’s response to the China virus.
  2. He said they are working to get the sunbelt outbreak under control.
  3. They are working on a Phase 4 response bill.
  4. He pledges to develop a vaccine. It is coming along more quickly than others had thought possible.
  5. The situation will probably get worse before it gets better.
  6. He is supporting the governors with great supplies and a supply chain.
  7. The median age of those who succumb to the virus is 78. Half of all deaths have been individuals in nursing homes.
  8. He said that 90% of those hospitalized had underlying medical conditions.
  9. Young adults have milder or no symptoms.
  10. When people cannot socially distance they should wear a mask.
  11. 96% of all fatalities have been adults. Far less than 1% are children.
  12. Several treatments are available that reduce the severity and duration of the disease.
  13. We have learned the best practices for dealing with the disease and have shared them with providers, e.g. the use of ventilators and Remdesivir.
  14. Fatalities have fallen 75% since mid-April.
  15. The case fatality rate is lower than the rest of the world. (Source – European CDC chart dated 21 July.)
  16. Hospital stays are now half of what they were in April.
  17. Trends could change without our relentless focus.
  18. Cases are occurring in the south and southwest, primarily among those 18 – 35 years of age.
  19. New testing has been identifying more asymptomatic and mild cases.
  20. There are zero unfulfilled requests from governors for equipment or other items.
  21. The military (7,000 National Guard) are helping in Texas, California, Florida, and Arizona.
  22. Hospital capacity is being monitored. Hospitals are open for elective surgeries.
  23. People should follow hygiene practices. He implores young Americans to avoid packed facilities, like bars.
  24. Ultimately our goal is to end the pandemic.
  25. Two vaccines are entering the final stage of clinical trials in record time. Four others will be in final tests in the following weeks.  Vaccines will be available, and the military is ready to help with the distribution.
  26. The President was asked based on comments from his press secretary in an earlier press conference that the President sometimes has multiple tests in a single day. He said he did not know if he did.
  27. He was asked about Senators wanting more money for testing and if he supported such funding. The President said there have been a massive number of tests; he will have a presentation tonight or tomorrow on the subject; and, if doctors and professionals feel more testing is needed he is ok with it.
  28. He was asked if he wants the American people to judge him on his response to the pandemic. He said he expects they will, and on the economy.  He continues to expect a good 3rd quarter, a strong 4th quarter, and a very good next year.  He also spoke about his support for veterans’ accountability programs to improve care for veterans.
  29. He was asked about his previous claims that the virus would disappear, now saying that it will get worse, and if he is responsible for it getting worse. He said the virus will disappear, it is a team with governors, and they will all have responsibility.  He went on to talk about closing borders with China and Europe, having done a lot of things right.  China should have stopped the virus.
  30. He was asked about the rapid testing platforms at the White House, and if it would be better to have such quick platforms for the general public. He said they are working on it and it would be better to get results on sight.
  31. He was asked about his views on masks and when he will wear them. The President said he has no problem with them when in groups.  Anything that can help is a good thing.   He is often around people who have been tested so there is not the same need.
  32. He was asked if China is the first to develop a vaccine if he is willing to work with them. He said that he is willing to work with anyone.

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