FDA COVID-19 Food Safety Q&A

The FDA is currently posting updates in a Q&A format on its Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) webpage.  The Q&A provides information to food production/processing facilities and retail food establishments regarding best practices during the ongoing public health emergency.  For example, the website provides some salient advice on social distancing in food facilities, advising among other things, that food facilities should conduct “an evaluation… to identify and implement operational changes that increase employee separation… social distancing to the full 6 feet will not be possible in some food facilities.”)  Ultimately, the FDA is issuing temporary policy at an unprecedented pace. This Q&A website will prove useful to industry in conveying information that is supplemental to or used in conjunction with the FDA’s issuance of immediately effective guidance documents.  Accordingly, those in the FDA regulated food arena may consider checking the Q&A webpage periodically, and consulting with counsel as additional questions arise or guidance is needed. 

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