Food Recalls

In the unfortunate event that a food company becomes aware that adulterated or misbranded product may have been introduced into commerce, OFW attorneys in the FDA and FSIS practice areas can assist the company in determining if a stock recovery, market withdrawal or recall is warranted based on FDA and FSIS policies and regulations. If a recall is necessary, OFW assists clients in determining the scope and depth of the recall, as well as in implementing the recall through notifications to customers and the public and through communications with FSIS and FDA officials. OFW also can assist clients with designing recall and other crisis management plans as well as taking corrective/preventive actions in response to a recall. Recalls almost invariably lead to further regulatory scrutiny, including inspection of the recalling firm’s facilities. OFW Law can assist with preparation for such inspections and review or develop inspection policies and protocols to minimize disruption to ongoing operations.