“Top Legal and Regulatory Issues for Food and Beverage Companies in 2022” Online Seminar Hosted by OFW Law and the Food Institute

OFW Law and the Food Institute will host a special four-part virtual seminar Feb. 16-17, 2022 on some of the top legal and regulatory issues facing food and beverage companies.



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Day 1 – The Agenda:


Session 1: Latest FDA Developments on “Healthy” Claims on Food Labels. FDA is moving full speed ahead on redefining the criteria for the nutrient content claim “healthy.” The agency is also in the final stages of developing a universal FDA-approved symbol that can voluntarily be used on foods meeting the agency’s newest criteria for the claim. 


The seminar will examine how the agency’s criteria for total fat, added sugars, cholesterol, and other nutrients will change for foods and review which foods may lose the right to make “healthy” claims and which foods may gain a new right to be labeled as “healthy.” The seminar will also take an in-depth look at what FDA’s “healthy” symbol look like and how will it be able to be used in marketing.



Session 2: Class Action Lawsuits and Case Studies: More class action cases challenging food labeling claims were brought in 2021 than in any previous year. The class action case has become the primary means for enforcing the prohibition against “false or misleading” label claims.


The seminar will review the latest court decisions on natural, wholesome, artisan, handcrafted, made with real fruit, vanilla flavored, “veggie,” sustainable fair trade, Non GMO, and other claims not specifically addressed by formal regulations.



Session 3: Latest Outlook on CBD Regulation and Legislation: Navigate the risky waters of CBD regulation and the addition of CBD to foods and dietary supplements.


AB 45, a California-enacted statute, generally legalizes the addition of CBD to foods and dietary supplements under California law, subject to implementing regulations issued by the California Department of Public Health. But California law does not alter the status of CBD-containing foods and dietary supplements under Federal Law. 


CBD remains illegal under federal law in FDA-regulated foods and dietary supplements and the agency took a series of enforcement actions in 2021. But new legislation in Congress may force the agency to change course.



Day 2 – The Agenda:

Deep Dive: Carbon labeling Programs and Claims


On Day 2, OFW and the Food Institute will host a Deep Dive into emerging trends for carbon labeling of food products and food service items. Day two of the webinar event will discuss everything from the origins of carbon emissions labeling, to what companies are doing now, and the roles of USDA, FTC, and FDA.


Carbon labeling on foods and menu items is a hot topic for 2022 as people are more conscious than ever of the environmental impact of the foods they eat and as companies work to become more climate friendly. Calculating the carbon footprint on a company’s products helps understand sustainability practices and mitigate carbon-heavy areas of production. This disclosure also provides transparency to increasing numbers of persons who support climate friendly consumption. But the estimate of greenhouse gasses emitted in the lifecycle of a food product can be complex. Learn best practices and avoid pitfalls.

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This four-part virtual seminar is ideal for food and beverage industry professionals, food manufacturers, retail executives, regulatory affairs professionals, and quality assurance professionals. In addition, Day 2 – our Deep Dive into carbon labeling, is a must for Chief Sustainability Officers and Quality Assurance VPs who are looking to develop best practices for a carbon labeling program.


On both days, you will receive instruction from one of the top food labeling experts in the country. Guest speakers to be announced.



Registration includes online or on demand access. Choose the full event or individual sessions that are most important to your business.   



For more information, and to register for an early bird discount, please visit https://www.bigmarker.com/series/top-legal-and-regulatory-iss/series_summit 


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