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Anyone want to write a nonfiction book?

When OFW Law’s Ken Ackerman is not providing legal and government affairs representation to the agriculture industry, with a special focus on crop insurance and risk management, he is a prolific nonfiction history writer.  Ken’s published books include critically acclaimed biographies of New York’s Boss Tweed, former-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and President James A. Garfield.

This February, Ken will offer his annual six-week workshop at the Writers Center in Bethesda, Maryland, on Narrative Nonfiction book writing.  According to the Writers Center Announcement this week:

The workshop focuses on non-fiction works, primarily book length history and biography. We discuss how to structure a story, avoid tangents, enhance theme, shape a “narrative arc,” evoke times, places and personalities, do research, sustain a narrative and understand the publishing cycle. The goal is tangible progress toward a quality product and a viable work plan. Participants are invited to present a brief outline and/or sample chapter.

Ken has taught the Workshop each of the past four years, and is glad to report that it has produced a number of published and soon-to-be-published works.

Could yours be next?

For more info and to register, here’s the link to the Writers Center web page.

Also, check out Ken’s Viral History blog!

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