Trade Policy and Regulatory

OFW Law’s trade and government relations professionals combine to advise clients on trade policy matters and provide our clients the perspective, advice and insights we have gained through years of experience on legislative and regulatory matters. Our expertise extends to both the Congress and Federal departments and agencies, including those within USDA, such as the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), as well as the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and the Departments of State and Commerce. Demonstrating the bipartisan nature of our work, OFW principals have chaired or coordinated the rural outreach committees of the presidential campaigns of John McCain, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. As we enter the 2020 presidential campaign cycle, partners have once again taken leadership roles to bring rural issues to the forefront of candidates’ platforms.


We pride ourselves on our substantive trade expertise. By its nature, trade often requires long-term strategic thinking and planning. Our experts have dedicated themselves to projects taking years to complete, be it negotiation, litigation, or dispute resolution. We seek to define issues clearly and work with our clients to evaluate all available options, using our expertise to select the most effective strategies. We then move forward with the chosen option until we reach a positive outcome.  In recent years OFW has been quick to adapt to the unorthodox approach to trade that has characterized the current Administration, engaging in frequent congressional and agency outreach on behalf of clients as change occurs rapidly in the trade arena.